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About Us

We are a company limited by guarantee company number 8419437 and a registered charity, number 1151502 jointly funded by North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group and Derbyshire County Council.

We have two employees - Janet Millard and Ann Sullivan and a team of trained volunteers. Janet has been with the organisation since 1992 and Ann since 1999 -

Janet is our co-ordinator and is profoundly deaf, she has excellent lip-reading skills – She was educated at Mary Hare Grammar School for deaf children and has first-hand knowledge of deafness and how it can impact on everyday life. Janet uses sign language interpreters at meetings and her sign language skills are invaluable when sign language users visit our Resource Centre.

Ann joined Janet in 1999 and quickly learnt skills to help deaf/hearing impaired people, as Janet lost more of her hearing during Ann’s first month of employment at Deaf and Hearing Support.

Ann is the Administration Manager and is responsible for accounts and funding applications Ann attended a course on speech to text at Sheffield Hallam University to help profoundly deaf committee members to participate fully at meetings.

Janet and Ann are responsible for the daily running of Deaf and Hearing Support and ensure that people get the best possible service available. Organising advice sessions, home visits etc.

Loan Equipment Available to Our Members
Loan Equipment Available

Our Resource Centre Based in Chesterfield
Resource Centre Based in Chesterfield

Deaf and Hearing Support Executive Committee

The organisation is committee led with a board of directors.

The Charity was set up in 1991 by a group of deaf/hearing impaired people who were passionate about having a service for deaf people in the North of the County.

Helen Best who at the time worked for Derbyshire County Council was instrumental in setting up the organisation. Helen has been our President for many years and continues to support us.

The Executive Committee can have a total of 12 members – Chairperson – Vice Chairperson – Secretary – Treasurer and ordinary members – An Annual General Meeting is held each year where directors are elected.

The Committee members are drawn from the membership scheme and are elected from all five districts of North Derbyshire – Bolsover – Chesterfield –N E Derbyshire – Derbyshire Dales North and High Peak

Directors 2013-2014:-
Chairwoman - Ann Button (Derbyshire Dales)
Secretary – Margaret Jenner (Derbyshire Dales)
Treasurer – Sarah Roy (Chesterfield)

Commitiee members
Bill Allen (High Peak) Elaine Hill (High Peak) Val Alcock (Derbyshire Dales) Bolsover (vacancy)

Co-opted Members
Debbie Farr - Audiology Services (NHS).
Sue Mitchell - Derbyshire County Council.


Our members play a vital part as they show support for our work and we can give them help and information.


They are very necessary and appreciated, we couldn't function without them.


We are jointly funded by Derbyshire County Council and North Derbyshire Clinical Commissioning Group for our basic needs but we rely on charitable help and donations for many extras.

How to Donate

If you would like to make a donation to Deaf & Hearing Support please contact us - donations can be made by cash or cheque. Please call us on: 01246 555934 or Textphone: 01246 555933 for more details, all donations are truly appreciated and welcomed.

Chairwoman - Ann Button and Vice Chairwoman – Hilda Ward
Chairwoman - Ann Button

Board Meeting in Progress
Meeting in Progress
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